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In today’s fast-paced world, educational institutions face a myriad of challenges. From ensuring the safety of students and staff to managing attendance and controlling access to various campus facilities, the demands are ever-increasing. ZKTeco, a global leader in biometric recognition technology and smart solutions, offers tailored solutions to address these unique challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • The imperative of safety in educational settings.
  • Modern attendance management with ZKTeco.
  • Access control to safeguard educational facilities.

The Imperative of Safety in Educational Settings

Safety in educational settings is not just a priority; it’s a necessity. With rising concerns about student and staff safety on campuses, there’s a pressing need for robust security measures. A secure learning environment is not only crucial for the physical well-being of the students and staff but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal academic performance.

Biometric solutions, such as those offered by ZKTeco, are revolutionising the way campuses approach safety. By leveraging advanced technologies like facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and palm recognition, ZKTeco ensures unmatched security and authentication across diverse sectors.

Modern Attendance Management

Attendance management is a critical aspect of academic operations. Accurate attendance tracking for both students and faculty is essential for various reasons, from ensuring student participation to facilitating efficient academic operations.

ZKTeco’s biometric attendance systems are at the forefront of this revolution. By integrating these systems, educational institutions can:

  • Ensure accurate and tamper-proof attendance records.
  • Reduce manual errors and administrative overhead.
  • Enhance the overall efficiency of academic operations.

ZKTeco Time & Attendance Solutions

Access Control: Safeguarding Educational Facilities

Traditional access methods, such as keys or cards, have their vulnerabilities. Lost keys or unauthorised card duplications can pose significant security risks. This is where ZKTeco’s advanced access control solutions come into play.

    Enhanced security with biometric authentication

    Controlled access to labs, libraries, and other restricted areas

    Integration capabilities with existing security systems

    By adopting ZKTeco’s biometric access control solutions, educational institutions can ensure that only authorised individuals have access to specific areas, thereby safeguarding both students and valuable assets.

    Explore ZKTeco’s Access Control Solutions

    Turnstiles: Regulating Campus Traffic

    Campuses, especially large universities, witness a significant footfall daily. Managing and regulating this traffic is crucial for safety and operational efficiency. ZKTeco’s turnstiles offer a practical solution to this challenge. These turnstiles:

    • Regulate entry and exit points effectively.
    • Integrate with biometric systems for enhanced security.
    • Offer a seamless flow of individuals without compromising on safety.

    Discover ZKTeco’s Turnstile Solutions

    Case Studies: Real-world Applications

    ZKTeco Allos Kosmos (Otro Mundo)

    Integrated Access Control Solution for Buenos Aires Theater School by ZKTeco

    Allos Kosmos, popularly known as Otro Mundo, stands as a beacon in Buenos Aires for nurturing and promoting budding artists. With a reputation for producing talent that garners attention from renowned production houses, TV channels, and international platforms, the institution is a hub for creativity and excellence.

    Client's Challenge:

    Managing the ingress and egress of approximately 1,000 students daily, Otro Mundo needed a state-of-the-art entrance & exit control system that was not only efficient but also seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure.

    ZKTeco's Tailored Solution:
    Access controlFacial Recognition TerminalFaceDepot 7B CH4 units
    Entrance mechanismTurnstileTS2000 Pro3 units
    Management SoftwareEntrance Control SystemZKBioAccess1 license

    Key Features:
    The FaceDepot 7B CH, a flagship product of ZKTeco, boasts of cutting-edge visible light facial recognition powered by deep learning. With a capacity to store up to 10,000 face templates and an interactive 7-inch touch LCD, it’s a perfect fit for indoor entrance control. Additionally, the option for fingerprint and ID/IC modules ensures a multi-layered security approach.

    By integrating ZKTeco’s advanced biometric solutions, Otro Mundo has fortified its security, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for its students and staff. This collaboration underscores ZKTeco’s commitment to providing industry-leading security solutions tailored to client needs.

    Author’s Note: This case study is a testament to ZKTeco’s expertise in the security domain, showcasing its ability to provide bespoke solutions that align with client requirements and industry standards, ensuring both safety and efficiency.

    For a detailed overview of the project, you can read the original case study here.


    ZKBioSecurity Education Solution for Kindergartens by ZKTeco

    In the realm of educational institutions, especially kindergartens, ensuring the safety and security of students is paramount. ZKTeco, a global leader in biometric solutions, has introduced the ZKBioSecurity Education Solution tailored specifically for kindergartens.

    Challenges Addressed
    • Ensuring the safe pick-up of students with biometric verification.
    • Real-time tracking of students both inside and outside the school premises.
    • Efficient time attendance management for students and teachers.
    • Providing guardians with timely notifications regarding their wards.
    ZKTeco's Comprehensive Solution
    Pick-up Biometric VerificationAllows for multi-person authorization of door access. Students can only exit when the system recognizes the guardians’ biometric data.
    Real-time Student PositioningWith students wearing hand straps, administrators can monitor their real-time location within the school premises via an E-map.
    Student Attendance RecordRecords the clock-in and clock-out times of students, ensuring accurate attendance tracking.
    GPS Positioning (Outside School)Offers GPS tracking for both teachers and students, ensuring safety during commutes and outside school activities.
    Real-time DashboardAdministrators can promptly determine the number of students in a specific area through the E-map.
    Route TrackerProvides real-time location tracking with a GPS module, allowing for historical route analysis.
    ZKTeco BioHAA high availability solution that ensures continuous running of applications and services, even in the event of server or application failures.
    User-Friendly InterfaceDesigned with simplicity in mind, the interface is intuitive and flexible, catering to users’ needs.
    Global LinkageAutomates system functions and notifications, offering multiple tiers of alerts, including output point, video linkage, active time, email notifications, and voice prompts.

    ZKTeco’s ZKBioSecurity Education Solution for kindergartens is a testament to the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced biometric technologies to ensure the safety and well-being of students. By integrating these solutions, educational institutions can provide a secure environment, fostering trust among parents and guardians.

    For a detailed overview of the solution, you can read the original article here.

    ZKTeco Central Construction Joint Stock Company

    Face Recognition Entrance Control Project for Edison Schools by ZKTeco

    Edison Inter-level School, located in the Ecopark Urban Area of Hung Yen, Vietnam, is renowned as one of the top educational institutions in the region. The school offers a comprehensive educational program from elementary to junior high school level, equipped with state-of-the-art teaching facilities and infrastructure that adhere to international standards. Edison School is recognised for its innovative and creative approach to education, enabling students to realise their full potential.

    Project Requirements

    The leadership of PTLC Edison School aimed to enhance safety and foster a civilised learning environment. They sought to deploy an access control system that would allow only authorised individuals, such as students, teachers, and school staff, to enter the school premises. This measure was intended to minimise security risks and provide an optimal learning environment.

    ZKTeco's Tailored Solution
    Entrance Control SystemZKTeco introduced the FBL700 Flap Barrier system integrated with the FaceDepot 7BLWP facial recognition device. This combination ensures that only registered students, teachers, and staff can access the school premises.
    Face Recognition Access Control & AttendanceThe FaceDepot-7BL(WP) device uses VISIBLE LIGHT technology and can manage up to 10,000 registered user faces. It offers multiple identification methods, including face, fingerprint, card, and password. The device is also compatible with ZKTeco and third-party turnstiles and has an IP65 protection standard.
    Flap Barrier SystemThe ZKTeco FBL700 series Flap Barrier is designed for controlling entry/exit in narrow spaces. Made of stainless steel, it’s durable for both indoor and outdoor use. In emergencies, the flaps can fold back for easy escape. The device also comes with a backup battery for power outages.

    Technical Features:

    • The FaceDepot-7BL(WP) device uses anti-spoofing algorithms to prevent attacks such as printed images, video attacks, and 3D masks.
    • The device can store up to 10,000 face templates and has a memory for 200,000 access and attendance events.
    • The FBL700 series Flap Barrier is constructed from stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use and comes equipped with a backup battery for uninterrupted functionality.

    By integrating ZKTeco’s advanced facial recognition and entrance control systems, Edison Schools has bolstered its security measures, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for learning. This project exemplifies ZKTeco’s expertise in delivering tailored security solutions that meet the unique needs of educational institutions.

    For a detailed overview of the project, you can read the original case study here.

    Expertise & Innovation: Why Choose ZKTeco

    ZKTeco’s years of experience in biometric solutions make it a preferred choice for educational institutions worldwide. Their commitment to research and innovation ensures that they stay ahead of the curve, offering the latest in security solutions. Some highlights include:

      Cutting-edge Technology

      ZKTeco’s products are backed by advanced biometric recognition technologies, ensuring top-notch security.

      Tailored Solutions

      Understanding the unique challenges of the educational sector, ZKTeco offers solutions tailored to meet these specific needs.

      Global Presence

      With a global footprint, ZKTeco has a deep understanding of regional challenges and offers solutions best suited for different geographies.

      Invite to Explore ZKTeco Products

      ZKTeco’s transformative impact in the world of education is evident. Their solutions not only enhance security but also streamline operations, making them a preferred choice for educational institutions. We invite you to explore specific ZKTeco products tailored for educational institutions or reach out for personalised consultations.

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