ZKTeco EFace10: Facial Recognition Terminal

EFace10: Enhanced Security with Visible Light Facial Recognition

The EFace10, by ZKTeco, revolutionizes access control with its state-of-the-art Visible Light Facial Recognition technology. Providing touchless identification, it offers rapid and accurate recognition, boosting both security and efficiency. This Linux-based terminal supports up to 1,500 faces and cards, integrates with third-party locks and sensors, and comes with a robust 4.3-inch touch screen for effortless operation. Adaptable and reliable, the EFace10 stands out for its user-friendly design, optional Wi-Fi connectivity, and substantial transaction capacity, making it an ideal choice for smart office solutions.

Product Details

Unlock the future of secure and efficient building management with the EFace10, ZKTeco's premier Visible Light Facial Recognition terminal. Expertly designed for both time & attendance and access control, this Linux-based solution harnesses the power of ZKTeco’s advanced Visible Light technology to provide unparalleled recognition accuracy and speed.

Revolutionary Visible Light Facial Recognition

At the heart of the EFace10 is the innovative Visible Light Facial Recognition technology. Leveraging ZKLiveFace V3.5 algorithms, this device accurately identifies individuals even from a distance, making it a perfect blend of convenience and security. The cutting-edge biometric system operates swiftly, recognizing a face within ≤1s, reducing queues, and enhancing user experience.

Tailored Access Control

With the ability to manage up to 1,500 faces and 1,500 user cards, alongside an impressive transaction capacity of 150,000, EFace10 is built to cater to the dynamic needs of modern enterprises. Its versatility is further showcased through multiple verification methods and standard functions like ADMS, Work Code, DST, and Bell Scheduling, providing a full suite of access control features.

Robust and User-Friendly Design

The user interface boasts a 4.3-inch touch screen, offering intuitive navigation and interaction. The hardware is powered by a 1GHz Dual-Core CPU, complemented by 256MB RAM / 512MB ROM, ensuring smooth operation. The 1MP Binocular Camera is engineered to function effectively across a temperature range of 0°C to 45°C and a humidity span of 20% to 80%, ensuring reliability in diverse environments.

Integration and Communication Excellence

EFace10 comes with an array of communication options including TCP/IP, optional Wi-Fi, and USB Host, facilitating seamless integration into existing networks. Its access control interfaces are compatible with third-party electric locks, door sensors, and exit buttons, making it an ideal choice for scalable security infrastructures.

Additional Optional Functions

Tailor the EFace10 to your specific needs with optional functions like 125KHz ID Card (EM) / 13.56MHz IC Card, battery backup, and a cable box for battery installation and storage, ensuring that your security system remains operational, even during power outages.

Reliable Support and Downloads

ZKTeco stands behind the EFace10 with comprehensive support and downloadable resources, including datasheets, quick start guides, user manuals, and installation templates. Ensured by our expert service bulletins and dedicated training center, EFace10 comes with the promise of reliability and expertise from ZKTeco.

Trust ZKTeco's Dedication to Excellence

As a global leader in security solutions, ZKTeco's culture of innovation is reflected in the EFace10. Adhering to the highest standards of privacy and legal compliance, we are committed to delivering products that embody our corporate values of trust and technological advancement.

Enhance your organization’s security and operational efficiency with the EFace10 – where cutting-edge technology meets reliable performance.


Display4.3-inch Touch Screen
Face Capacity500 (Optional:1,500)
User Capacity1,000 (Optional:1,500)
Card Capacity1,000(Optional),Max.1500
Transaction Capacity150,000
CommunicationTCP/IP, Wi-Fi (Optional), USB Host
Standard FunctionsADMS, Work Code, DST, Self-service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 Input, Camera, 14-digit User ID, Multiple Verification Methods, Bell Scheduling
Hardware1GHz Dual-Core CPU, 256MB RAM / 512MB ROM, 1MP Binocular Camera
Operation SystemLinux
Interfaces of Access Control3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button
Optional Functions125KHz ID Card (EM) / 13.56MHz IC Card, Battery Backup, Cable Box for Battery Installation and Storage
Biometrics AlgorithmsZKLiveFace V3.5
Fingerprint Capacity≤1s
Power Supply12V 1.5A
Operating Humidity20% to 80%
Operating Temperature0°C to 45°C
Dimension130 * 119 * 28 (mm) / 130*119*55 (mm) (W*H*D)
Supported SoftwareZKBio Access IVS (T&A)


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