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Unlock superior workforce management with ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance solutions, expertly crafted for New Zealand businesses across diverse sectors. Our state-of-the-art hardware and software streamline attendance tracking, ensuring precision and convenience for both employees and administrators.

  • Advanced Biometric Systems: Enhance time tracking with devices like fingerprint, facial, and palm recognition, ensuring swift and accurate employee identification.
  • Precision at its Best: Enjoy features like real-time monitoring, tailored reports, and intuitive scheduling, optimising efficiency for your organisation.
  • Integrated Solutions: Merge ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance tools with your HR software, payroll systems, and access control for a holistic workforce management approach.
  • Elegant Hardware: Choose from a range of modern device designs, complementing your workplace aesthetics and elevating your attendance system’s appeal.

Embrace the perfect blend of efficiency, precision, and style with ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance solutions, ensuring an unparalleled experience for New Zealand’s employees and administrators.


Enhance workforce management with ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance solutions, tailored for New Zealand businesses.

  • Biometric Systems: Swift and accurate employee identification.
  • Precision: Real-time monitoring and tailored reports.
  • Integration: Seamless merge with HR and payroll systems.
  • Elegant Design: Modern devices to match your workplace.

Trust ZKTeco for efficient and stylish Time & Attendance solutions in New Zealand.

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ZKTeco Time & Attendance Hardware

ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance Hardware offers advanced biometric solutions, ensuring precise employee attendance tracking. With technologies like fingerprint, facial, and palm recognition, these devices eliminate time theft and ensure accurate data capture.

Designed for modern workplaces, they blend seamlessly into any setting, offering real-time insights for efficient workforce management. Their robust design and user-friendly interfaces make attendance tracking effortless and reliable.

For a detailed insight into ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance Hardware and its benefits, explore this comprehensive guide (coming soon).

Time & Attendance Software

ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance Software revolutionises workforce management with digital precision and efficiency. At the heart of this innovation is ZKBio Time 8.0, a state-of-the-art software solution designed to streamline attendance tracking, reporting, and employee management.

ZKBio Time 8.0 offers a user-friendly interface, real-time data insights, and robust integration capabilities, ensuring seamless operations for businesses of all sizes. Its advanced features facilitate accurate time tracking, customisable reporting, and efficient scheduling, enhancing overall organisational productivity.

Recognising the diverse needs of businesses, ZKTeco also provides a free API, welcoming third-party integrators to customise and expand the software’s capabilities, ensuring adaptability and scalability for unique business requirements.

For a comprehensive understanding of ZKTeco’s Time & Attendance Software, especially ZKBio Time 8.0, and its transformative impact on workforce management, consider exploring this detailed guide (coming soon).

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