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ZKTeco offers a range of access control solutions, including standalone devices, door controllers, tag/fob/swipe readers, long-range UHF readers, and software solutions. These products cater to various security needs, from budget-friendly standalone devices to advanced control panels and software for comprehensive access management

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Elevate security and efficiency with ZKTeco’s cutting-edge Access Control solutions. Merging advanced technology with user-centric design, our offerings include:

  • Standalone Devices: Budget-friendly with facial, palm, and finger vein recognition for enhanced security.
  • Door Controllers: Versatile for 1-4 doors, integrating seamlessly with alarms and existing systems.
  • Biometric and Card Readers: From facial to RFID and QR codes, ensuring flexible and secure access.
  • Long Range UHF Readers: Ideal for parking and vehicular access, offering extended range efficiency.
  • Access Control Software: From standalone to cloud-based platforms like ZKBio CVSecurity, for comprehensive security management.

Discover the synergy of advanced security and ease-of-use with ZKTeco.


Upgrade security with ZKTeco’s top-tier Access Control solutions, blending advanced tech with user ease.

  • Standalone Devices: Budget-friendly with facial and palm recognition.
  • Door Controllers: 1 to 4-Door options, integrates with existing systems.
  • Readers: QR codes to swipe readers, connects to door controllers.
  • UHF Readers: For extended range access.
  • Software: Standalone to cloud-based, including ZKBio CVSecurity.

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Standalone Devices

ZKTeco’s Standalone Access Control Devices seamlessly blend cost-efficiency with advanced security technology. These devices are designed for independent operation, making them an excellent choice for budget-sensitive environments, yet they also offer the versatility to integrate with third-party systems, accommodating both small and large-scale applications.

Key Points:

  • Self-Sufficient & Integrative: Operate independently or as part of an extended security system, offering flexibility for various needs.
  • Broad Technology Spectrum: Utilizes facial, fingerprint, palm recognition, and QR codes, catering to diverse access requirements.
  • Software Options: While not dependent on software for basic functions, optional cloud-based management tools are available for enhanced control and integration ease.

Ideal for those seeking to navigate the security technology market or enhance their current systems, ZKTeco provides a pragmatic solution that does not compromise on quality or scalability.

ZKTeco inBio Pro Series: The Ultimate High-End Access Control Product Line

Control Panels (Door Controllers)

ZKTeco’s Control Panels are engineered for scalability and integration, serving as the cornerstone for advanced security ecosystems. Tailored for medium to large enterprises, these panels not only enhance security but also seamlessly interface with HVAC, CCTV, alarm systems, and more, offering a unified approach to premises management.

Key Points:

  • Scalable Solutions: Designed to grow with your business, from medium-sized operations to large-scale enterprises, ensuring security keeps pace with expansion.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Capable of interfacing with a variety of systems including HVAC, CCTV, and alarm systems, for a holistic security and management solution.
  • Advanced Security and Management: While standalone devices provide basic access control, Control Panels offer a deeper level of security and operational control, necessitating software for efficient management. Cloud-based options further enhance flexibility and remote accessibility.

Perfect for organizations aiming to build a robust, integrated security infrastructure, ZKTeco’s Control Panels represent a strategic investment in future-proof and comprehensive security solutions.

ZKTeco inBio Pro Series: The Ultimate High-End Access Control Product Line

Tag/Fob/Swipe/QR and PIN Code Readers

Incorporating tag, fob, swipe, PIN code, and QR code technologies, ZKTeco’s Access Control Systems offer an unparalleled spectrum of authentication methods. These Slave Devices, essential for operational synergy with Door Panels or Controllers, embody versatility and innovation in managing secure access, ensuring only authorized personnel can navigate through protected areas.

Key Points:

  • Comprehensive Authentication Solutions: With the addition of QR code technology to RFID tags, fobs, swipe cards, and PIN codes, ZKTeco provides a wide array of secure and user-friendly authentication options.
  • Integrated Security Ecosystem: Designed for flawless integration with Access Control Door Panels or Controllers, these readers support a cohesive and effective security strategy.
  • Advanced Access Control: Embracing QR code technology alongside traditional methods enhances convenience without compromising security, facilitating quick and controlled entry in a variety of settings.

Perfect for businesses seeking a sophisticated and adaptable access control solution, ZKTeco’s innovative range of readers positions itself at the forefront of security technology, catering to the evolving demands of secure premises management.

ZKTeco U1000 & U2000: Long Distance RFID Access Control Machines with Integrated UHF Readers & Controllers

Long Range UHF Readers

Long Range UHF readers, integral to ZKTeco’s Access Control Systems, function as Slave Devices requiring a Control Panel for operation. Their versatility shines in applications such as parking systems and healthcare facilities, where they facilitate automated entry by reading UHF tags on vehicles, thus controlling barriers or security gates with ease. Beyond vehicular access, these readers play a pivotal role in asset tracking and livestock management, showcasing their utility in diverse environments.

Key Points:

  • Versatile Applications: Excelling in environments from parking solutions to healthcare settings, these devices automate entry and enhance security protocols.
  • Extended Range Functionality: With models capable of detecting UHF tags from 0 to 14 meters, they offer unparalleled flexibility and precision in operation.
  • Broad Utility Spectrum: Beyond managing vehicle access, their utility extends to asset tracking and livestock management, underscoring the readers’ adaptability across sectors.

Ideal for entities requiring robust, versatile access control solutions, ZKTeco’s Long Range UHF readers embody innovation and precision, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced security across a multitude of applications.

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ZKBio Access IVS Software: A Comprehensive Access Control Solution

Software Solutions

ZKTeco’s Access Control Software suite represents the pinnacle of security management innovation, encompassing a broad spectrum from complimentary, foundational packages for local installations to sophisticated, Enterprise-level solutions boasting extensive integration capabilities. This diverse array of software options is meticulously designed to empower users, facilitating seamless management of access control, attendance tracking, and comprehensive security features.

Key Points:

  • Diverse Software Portfolio: Offering solutions for every scale, from basic local setups to advanced systems designed for enterprise applications, ensuring there’s a software package to meet every need.
  • Seamless Integration: Enterprise-level options feature robust integration capabilities, allowing for a unified management experience across access control, attendance systems, and other security measures.
  • Comprehensive Management Tools: Tailored to streamline operations, our software enables efficient management of access permissions, real-time attendance tracking, and enhanced security protocols, all within user-friendly interfaces.

ZKTeco’s Access Control Software is crafted to enhance operational efficiency and security oversight, providing the tools needed for meticulous access and attendance management across various sectors. Whether for small businesses or large corporations, ZKTeco delivers scalable, reliable, and integrated software solutions.

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