Access Control Security Systems

Enhance your premises with ZKTeco’s leading Access Control solutions. We combine cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, delivering both impeccable security and effortless usability.

  • Standalone Devices: Ideal for budget-conscious settings, these devices provide access control without door controllers and feature advanced capabilities such as facial and palm recognition.
  • Door Controllers: With options for 1, 2, or 4 doors, these controllers amplify functionality and integrate with a majority of existing systems, including alarms.
  • Tag/Fob/Swipe Readers: Versatile in design, these readers connect to door controllers and range from QR code scanners to conventional swipe mechanisms.
  • Long Range UHF Readers: Designed for extended access control, they’re optimal for parking zones and vehicular entry points.
  • Access Control Software: Catering to diverse needs with options from standalone to cloud-based, including the renowned ZKBio CVSecurity.

Opt for ZKTeco’s Access Control solutions and experience the perfect synergy of security and ease-of-use.


Upgrade security with ZKTeco’s top-tier Access Control solutions, blending advanced tech with user ease.

  • Standalone Devices: Budget-friendly with facial and palm recognition.
  • Door Controllers: 1 to 4-Door options, integrates with existing systems.
  • Readers: QR codes to swipe readers, connects to door controllers.
  • UHF Readers: For extended range access.
  • Software: Standalone to cloud-based, including ZKBio CVSecurity.

Choose ZKTeco for seamless access management.

ZKTeco Access Control Product Range

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ZKTeco UHF10 Pro

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ZKBio CVSecurity Access Control Software



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Standalone Devices

Standalone devices function independently, eliminating the need for Controllers and Slave Readers. While they may have fewer features, they are a budget-friendly option, making them suitable for tighter financial constraints. They come in various forms, employing technologies like facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, tag/fob, QR Code, and Palm Recognition. Unlike control panels, they usually don’t require software for operation, though many do offer software for simpler management. Cloud-based software options are also prevalent in this category.

ZKTeco inBio Pro Series: The Ultimate High-End Access Control Product Line

Control Panels (Door Controllers)

Control panels offer more intricate security solutions but necessitate Slave Readers to function effectively. These panels bring a higher level of security complexity. Although standalone devices can operate without software, control panels often require it for streamlined management and setup. Cloud-based software alternatives are also commonly available in this category.

ZKTeco inBio Pro Series: The Ultimate High-End Access Control Product Line

Tag/Fob/Swipe Readers

Tag, fob, and swipe readers serve as Slave Devices, dependent on Access Control Door Panels or Controllers for functionality. These readers are widely used and offer a convenient way to manage access. They’re an integral part of access control systems, ensuring authorized entry.

ZKTeco U1000 & U2000: Long Distance RFID Access Control Machines with Integrated UHF Readers & Controllers

Long Range UHF Readers

Long Range UHF readers also act as Slave Devices and need a Control Panel for operation. These versatile devices find applications in parking systems and healthcare facilities. They read UHF tags on vehicles, enabling automated actions like opening barriers or security gates. Their applications extend to asset tracking and even livestock management. With varying models covering distances from 0 to 14 meters, these readers offer flexibility and precision.

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ZKBio Access IVS Software: A Comprehensive Access Control Solution

Software Solutions

The software segment is diverse, ranging from free basic locally installed software for Access Control to advanced Enterprise-level software with integration capabilities. Our software empowers you to manage access, attendance, and security features seamlessly.

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