ZKTeco FR1500-WP Flush-Mounted RS-485 Fingerprint Slave Reader for Access Control

ZKTeco FR1500-WP

A flush-mounted fingerprint reader with fast and accurate biometric recognition and an IP65 rating.


  • Flush-mounted fingerprint reader
  • Fast and accurate biometric recognition
  • Support for 13.56MHz Mifare cards
  • IP65 rating for resistance to dust, water, and other environmental factors
  • Robust RS-485 communication interface

Product Details

The ZKTeco FR1500-WP is a flush-mounted fingerprint reader designed for access control systems. It features fast and accurate biometric recognition, 13.56MHz Mifare card support, and an IP65 rating.

The FR1500-WP has a robust RS-485 communication interface, making it easy to install and seamlessly integrate into any access control system that supports RS-485 communication. The reader is resistant to dust, water, and other environmental factors, making it ideal for use in harsh indoor or outdoor environments.

Overall, the ZKTeco FR1500-WP is a high-performance biometric reader that offers fast and accurate fingerprint recognition for secure access control.




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