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In the ever-evolving landscape of security threats, traditional solutions often don’t cut the mustard. Enter ZKTeco turnstiles, advanced solutions that are pushing the boundaries of security. So, what are these, and how are they transforming security as we know it? Let’s dive in!

Understanding Pedestrian Turnstile Gates

Basics of Turnstiles

Turnstiles are types of gates that allow one person to pass at a time. They’re a common sight at public transport stations, stadiums, and corporate offices. Their main job is to ensure controlled access, making them a crucial component in security systems.

Role in Security

Turnstiles control the flow of individuals, preventing unauthorised access and ensuring orderly movement. They provide a quiet but effective barrier between potential threats and your premises. That’s your first step towards a more secure future!

Diving into ZKTeco

History of ZKTeco

Since its inception in 1998, ZKTeco has risen to be a global leader in biometric verification technologies. Their journey is a testament to their commitment to building safer spaces for all.

ZKTeco in the Security Industry

ZKTeco’s innovative products, ranging from access control systems to turnstiles, are reshaping the security landscape. They focus on combining convenience with robust security, ensuring a secure yet user-friendly experience.

The Range of ZKTeco Turnstile Gates

Different Models

ZKTeco provides a diverse selection of turnstiles, from traditional tripod models to full-height turnstiles. Each model comes equipped with unique features designed to meet various security needs.

Key Features

Key features include advanced biometrics, anti-tailgating measures, and intelligent management. These aren’t just turnstiles; they’re complete security solutions!

Full-Height turnstiles are robust, tall barriers typically used in high-security settings like prisons or stadiums. They completely restrict access, allowing one person at a time, thus ensuring maximum security and preventing unauthorized entry.

Tripod turnstiles are three-arm revolving barriers often found in transportation hubs and amusement parks. They enable controlled access with one person per rotation, making them suitable for managing moderate foot traffic while maintaining security.

Swing barriers are motorized gates that swing open when access is granted. They are well-suited for office buildings and corporate environments due to their elegant design and ability to handle medium to high pedestrian flow while providing an added layer of security.

Flap barriers consist of retractable flaps that open to grant access. These turnstiles are commonly used in transit stations and commercial buildings, offering efficient access control for large numbers of users and helping regulate traffic flow effectively.

Unpacking ZKTeco Turnstile Models

Single Lane Models

ZKTeco’s single lane models, like the TS1000 and TS2000, are perfect for areas with moderate traffic. Their sleek design and strong security make them a favourite choice for many businesses.

Multi-Lane Models

Dealing with high footfall? ZKTeco’s multi-lane models such as the FHT2300D and FHT2400D are just the ticket. These are designed to handle the busiest of spaces without compromising on security.

Unique Features of ZKTeco Turnstiles

Advanced Biometric Technology

ZKTeco turnstiles stand out with their advanced biometric technology, ensuring only authorised individuals can gain access. Technologies integrated into their systems include fingerprint, face recognition, and even palm recognition.

Intelligent Management

Beyond access control, ZKTeco turnstiles offer intelligent management capabilities. These include real-time data, customisable access levels, and remote control options.

Integration with Other Systems

One of the standout features of ZKTeco turnstiles is that they can be installed and integrated seamlessly with other systems. This flexibility enhances their functionality and allows for more comprehensive security solutions.

The Installation Process

Initial Setup

ZKTeco turnstiles come with a detailed installation guide, ensuring a smooth setup and allowing you to enjoy enhanced security in no time.

Choosing the Right Installer

Installation should be performed by a qualified installer. NZTeco, the official distributor for ZKTeco, can appoint an installer if required.

NZTeco’s Role

As the official distributor, NZTeco ensures that the installation process is up to standard, providing customers with peace of mind and top-notch security solutions.

Maintenance of ZKTeco Turnstiles

Minimal Maintenance

One of the perks of ZKTeco turnstiles is that they require very little maintenance. This makes them a practical and convenient choice for businesses.

Addressing Malfunctions

Though built for durability, ZKTeco turnstiles may occasionally experience malfunctions. However, these are very few and far between, and their global service network ensures timely and efficient assistance.

The Role of ZKTeco Turnstiles in Different Sectors

Corporate Offices

In corporate offices, ZKTeco turnstiles help enforce access control, ensuring only authorised individuals can enter the premises. They also keep a record of entries and exits, which can be useful for attendance and time management.

Public Transport

At public transport stations, these turnstiles efficiently manage the flow of passengers and also facilitate automated fare collection, simplifying operations.

Recreational Facilities

In recreational facilities like gyms and clubs, ZKTeco turnstiles streamline member access, enhancing the member experience while ensuring security.

Case Studies

Successful Implementations

ZKTeco turnstiles are trusted by businesses across the globe. From multinational corporations to local businesses, the effectiveness of these turnstiles is well-documented.

Real-Life Applications

Case studies highlight the role of ZKTeco turnstiles in real-life scenarios, demonstrating their effectiveness and versatility. They’re more than just a product – they’re a solution tailored to your unique needs!

JINYU Tire | Vietnam

Entrance Control, Access Control, Time & Attendance, Parking and Consumption Management

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Integrated Solution for Entrance Control and Elevator Control

Corporate Offices | Mexico City

Entrance Control, Access Control and Time & Attendance

PT. Nindya Karya (Persero) | East Jakarta, Indonesia

Integrated Solution for Entrance Control, Access Control and Elevator Control

The LOHAS | Hong Kong

Entrance Control and Access Control

VINFAST | Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Entrance Control and Facial Recognition Access Control

Edison Schools | Hung Yen Province, Vietnam

Entrance Control and Facial Recognition Access Control

How to Choose the Right ZKTeco Turnstile

Understanding Your Needs

The right ZKTeco turnstile for you depends on your specific needs. Consider the volume of traffic, the level of security required, and your budget.

Tips for Making the Right Choice

As a rule of thumb, opt for versatility and future-proof technologies. This will ensure your ZKTeco turnstile remains relevant as your needs evolve.

The Future of Turnstiles with ZKTeco

The Role of AI and ML

ZKTeco is already harnessing the power of AI and ML to elevate their turnstiles. Look forward to more intelligent features and predictive maintenance capabilities in the future!

ZKTeco’s Future Plans

As ZKTeco continues to innovate, you can anticipate more advanced and user-friendly turnstiles. Stay tuned for what’s next in the world of turnstile security!

The Cost Aspect

NZTeco’s Pricing Guarantee

At NZTeco, we pride ourselves on providing the most competitive pricing in New Zealand — it’s a guarantee. To illustrate our value, consider this: while the average cost for a single-lane full-height turnstile typically exceeds $16,000, our starting price is just $13,753. With NZTeco, exceptional quality meets unparalleled affordability.

Value for Money

With their robust security, user-friendly design, and long-lasting durability, ZKTeco turnstiles are a worthy investment for any business.


ZKTeco turnstiles are the future of security, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. With their innovative technology, they ensure that you’re always a step ahead in your security game. Invest in ZKTeco today for a safer tomorrow!


What are the different types of pedestrian turnstile gates available?

Turnstile gates come in various types to serve different security and access control needs. ZKTeco offers several types, including tripod turnstiles, which are compact and often used for basic access control; optical turnstiles, which are sleek and provide a less intrusive barrier; flap barrier turnstiles, designed for quick and efficient throughput in high-traffic areas; and swing barrier turnstiles, which offer a balance between security and aesthetic appeal, suitable for environments that require a certain level of sophistication in design.

How do tripod turnstile gates work and where are they best applied?

Tripod turnstiles consist of a rotating tripod arm mechanism that allows one person to pass at a time. They are activated by an access control system, such as a ticket, token, or biometric recognition. These are best suited for locations where basic access control is required, like gyms, stadiums, or office buildings.

What are optical turnstiles and how do they ensure security?

Optical turnstiles use beams of infrared light to detect a person’s passage. They are typically used in conjunction with an access control system that can signal the turnstile to allow passage. They are ideal for areas that need a high level of security without imposing physical barriers, such as corporate lobbies or high-end buildings.

Can you explain the functionality of flap barrier turnstiles?

Flap barrier turnstiles have retracting barriers that open to allow passage upon successful authorization from the access control system. They are designed for quick and smooth operation, capable of handling high volumes of traffic efficiently, which makes them suitable for transport terminals, corporate entrances, or anywhere that experiences a rapid flow of people.

What are swing barrier turnstiles and where should they be used?

Swing barrier turnstiles feature gates that swing open to allow entry after receiving a signal from an access control system. They provide a more welcoming entrance compared to other types and are often found in places where there is a need for a blend of security, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal, such as in commercial buildings, museums, or libraries.

 ZKTeco specific FAQs

1What sets ZKTeco turnstiles apart from others in the market?ZKTeco turnstiles stand out with their advanced biometric technology, user-friendly design, and durable build.
2How difficult is the installation of ZKTeco turnstiles?ZKTeco turnstiles can be installed and integrated alongside other systems. Installation should be performed by a qualified installer. NZTeco can appoint an installer if required.
3What maintenance do ZKTeco turnstiles require?ZKTeco turnstiles require very little maintenance, making them a practical choice for businesses.
4What is the pricing for ZKTeco turnstiles?We offer the best pricing in New Zealand. In fact, we guarantee it! For specific pricing, please contact NZTeco.
5Where can I purchase ZKTeco turnstiles?ZKTeco turnstiles can be purchased through NZTeco, the official distributor. Check the NZTeco website for more details.

These descriptions offer a broad understanding of the various types of turnstiles and their applications. ZKTeco’s products in these categories are designed with the latest technology to ensure security and efficiency.

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