Northern Arena Case Study: Gym Access Control Solutions with ZKTeco TS1000

by | Dec 11, 2023

Discover how Northern Arena revolutionized gym access with ZKTeco's TS1000 turnstile, integrated with Inner Range Inception Access Control and QR600 barcode scanning, ensuring a seamless and secure entry for members, as detailed in our latest case study.
Gym Access Control Solutions: ZKTeco TS1000 tripod turnstile at Northern Arena, integrated with QR600 barcode scanner for secure gym access
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Client Overview

Northern Arena, a leading fitness and swim school in New Zealand, offers an extensive range of gym and swimming facilities. Known for its state-of-the-art amenities and comprehensive learn-to-swim programs, Northern Arena is dedicated to providing a seamless and secure experience for its members.

Gym Access Control Solutions are crucial in today’s fitness industry, as demonstrated by Northern Arena with their implementation of the ZKTeco TS1000 turnstile.

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The Challenge

As Northern Arena continued to grow, they faced the challenge of efficiently managing gym member access while ensuring security and convenience. The need for a system that could integrate seamlessly with their new gym software, Hapana, and offer quick, secure access for members was paramount. Visit Hapana’s official website here.

Solution Provided

To meet these challenges, Northern Arena turned to NZTeco for a comprehensive access control solution. The installation involved:

ZKTeco TS1000 Pro Series Turnstiles

ZKTeco TS1000 Turnstile

A highly reliable tripod turnstile gate, chosen for its durability and efficiency.

Inception Panel with Logo

Integration with Inner Range Inception Access Control System

This system was selected for its advanced features and ability to integrate smoothly with the ZKTeco TS1000.

ZKTeco QR600-VK Series of QR code and RFID card reader

ZKTeco QR600 Barcode Scanner:

Implemented to scan QR codes generated by Hapana, this solution provided a quick and secure method for gym members to access the facilities.

The combination of these technologies resulted in a streamlined access process, allowing Northern Arena to manage member entry effectively without compromising on security or member convenience.

ZKTeco TS1000 Turnstile at Northern Arena

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The integration of ZKTeco’s solutions at Northern Arena led to:

    • Enhanced Member Experience: Quick and hassle-free access for gym members, improving overall satisfaction.
    • Increased Security: Reliable control of access points to prevent unauthorized entry.
    • Operational Efficiency: Smooth integration with Hapana software ensured efficient member management.


    Northern Arena’s adoption of ZKTeco’s access control solutions exemplifies the perfect blend of technology and convenience, leading to improved security and member experience. This case study demonstrates NZTeco’s capability to provide tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of the fitness industry.

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