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Explore the functionality and benefits of Swing Barrier Turnstiles. Discover how they compare to other turnstile types and where they can be effectively implemented for enhanced security and flow control.


Swing Barrier Turnstiles are an integral part of modern security systems, designed to regulate pedestrian access in a seamless yet secure manner. Often found in commercial buildings, transit stations, and other high-traffic areas, they provide a balance between ease of access and necessary security. Their distinguishing feature is the swinging barrier that opens to allow passage upon successful authorisation. This article delves into the mechanics, benefits, and applications of Swing Barriers, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of their role in contemporary access control solutions. Whether you are considering upgrading your current security setup or merely interested in learning about swing barrier turnstiles, this guide offers valuable insights.

Key Takeaways

  • Definition: Swing Barriers operate with a swinging barrier for smooth pedestrian access control.
  • Structure: They consist of sleek designs conducive to modern architectural aesthetics.
  • Integration: Compatible with various access control systems for enhanced security.
  • Benefits: Offer a balance of security, flow control, and aesthetics.
  • Comparison: Less imposing but more elegant compared to other turnstile types like full-height or tripod turnstiles.
  • Applications: Ideal for corporate settings, transit stations, educational institutions, and recreational facilities.

What is a Swing Barrier Turnstile?

A Swing Barrier Turnstile is a security gate with a barrier arm that swings to allow or deny access based on the authorisation provided. Here’s a deeper look into its structure and operation:

ZKTeco SBTL3000 barrier frame

Barrier Frame

This is the structure that houses the mechanism and the swinging barrier.

ZKTeco SBTL3000 barrier

Swing Barrier

The barrier swings open to allow passage upon successful authorisation.

ZKTeco SBTL3000 barrier head

Main Frame (Head)

This part holds the electronics and the mechanism required for operation.

Types of Swing Barrier Turnstiles

Swing Barrier Turnstiles come in various designs to suit different aesthetic and security preferences:

ZKTeco SBTL6000 Swing Barrier with Modular Design

Glass Swing Barriers

Feature elegant glass doors that swing open, blending seamlessly with modern architecture.

ZKTeco SBTL3000 single lane swing barrier turnstile

Steel Frame Swing Barriers

Employ sturdy steel frames that swing open, offering a higher level of security.

These variations allow for flexibility to match the specific requirements and aesthetics of the environment they are placed in.

Swing Barrier Turnstiles are often designed with robust materials like stainless steel, ensuring durability and rust resistance. The gates provide an unhindered free passage and can recess back in the event of an emergency​.

Clarification: Swing Barrier vs. Flap Barrier

It’s important to differentiate between Swing Barrier and Flap Barrier Turnstiles. While both are designed for pedestrian access control, Flap Barriers use retractable flaps instead of swinging barriers. The choice between the two often depends on the specific security and aesthetic requirements of a facility.

ZKTeco FBL6200 Pro

Flab Barrier Example

Operation to Control Access

Swing Barrier Turnstiles operate by swinging open the barrier once access is granted. They can be activated with a single button press, and integrate seamlessly with various access control systems like biometric recognition or card readers. They’re equipped with high-visibility LED direction arrow plates, aiding in guiding individuals through the access point. The operation is smooth, and in instances where someone tries to tailgate a verified entry, the gates auto-close to prevent unauthorised access​.

Key Features

Swing Barrier Turnstiles come with several notable features that enhance their functionality and appeal:


Crafted from high-quality materials like stainless steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear.

Ease of Use

Smooth operation facilitated by intuitive access control systems.


Robust design and integration with advanced access control systems ensure secure entry and exit.

Flow Control

Capable of managing a high throughput of individuals, aiding in efficient crowd management.

Integration with Access Control Systems

Compatibility with various access control technologies such as biometrics, card readers, and mobile credentials.

Low Maintenance

Designed for minimal maintenance, ensuring a cost-effective long-term solution.

Benefits of Swing Barrier Turnstiles

Security Benefits:

  • Enhanced Access Control: By integrating with advanced access control systems, swing barrier turnstiles ensure only authorised individuals gain entry.
  • Anti-Tailgating: Their design helps prevent unauthorised entry attempts like tailgating.

Flow Control Benefits:

  • Efficient Throughput: Capable of handling a high flow of individuals swiftly, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Directional Control: They can be configured for bidirectional access, making entry and exit management more efficient.

Swing Barrier Turnstiles provide a harmonious balance between security and flow control, which is crucial in many professional settings.

Swing Barrier Turnstiles vs Other Turnstiles

In this section, we’ll compare Swing Barrier Turnstiles to other types of turnstiles based on structure, functionality, and use cases.

AspectSwing Barrier TurnstilesOther Turnstiles (e.g., Tripod, Full Height)
StructureSleek design with a swinging barrier.Varied designs like rotating arms or full barriers.
FunctionalitySmooth and quiet operation, with a focus on easy passage.May offer higher security or control but with less ease of passage.
Use CasesIdeal for corporate settings, transit stations due to their elegant design and quiet operation.Other designs may suit higher security needs or outdoor environments.

Swing Barrier Turnstiles offer a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality suitable for various professional settings.

Applications of Swing Barrier Turnstiles

Swing Barrier Turnstiles find their place in numerous settings owing to their aesthetic appeal and functional design:

Corporate Swing Barriers - NZTeco - Swing Barrier Turnstile

Corporate Buildings

Manage access to facilities, ensuring only authorised personnel enter.

Educational Swing Barriers - NZTeco - Swing Barrier Turnstile

Educational Institutions

Help in channeling the flow of students and staff.

Transit Swing Barriers - NZTeco - Swing Barrier Turnstile

Transit Stations

Effective in managing the flow of commuters during peak hours.

Recreational Swing Barriers - NZTeco - Swing Barrier Turnstile

Recreational Facilities

Control access to specific areas within parks or recreational venues.

Their sleek design and efficient operation make Swing Barrier Turnstiles a popular choice for modern, high-traffic environments.


Swing Barrier Turnstiles offer a blend of sleek design and effective access control, making them an excellent choice for various professional settings. Their ease of use, low maintenance, and integration with modern access control systems make them a viable option for enhancing security and managing people flow efficiently. Considering integrating Swing Barrier Turnstiles in your premises? Reach out to us for more information, pricing, or advice tailored to your specific needs.


What makes Swing Barrier Turnstiles different from other turnstile types?

Swing Barrier Turnstiles have a sleek design with a swinging barrier that allows smooth passage.

How do Swing Barrier Turnstiles enhance security?

They integrate with advanced access control systems to ensure only authorised individuals gain entry.

Can Swing Barrier Turnstiles handle high-traffic areas?

Yes, they are designed to manage a high throughput of individuals efficiently.

What types of access control systems can integrate with Swing Barrier Turnstiles?

They can integrate with various systems like biometric recognition, card readers, and mobile credentials.

Are Swing Barrier Turnstiles suitable for outdoor installations?

In most cases yes. Their durable construction makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Please consult with a sales engineer for confirmation on this.

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