ZKTeco MR100 / MR101: Contactless Card Readers with Metal Casing Design

ZKTeco MR100 and MR101

Contactless card readers with a metal casing design, Wiegand output, and IP66 ingress protection rating.


  • Contactless card readers with metal casing design
  • Strong durability and dismantle & pry protection
  • Simple wiring with Wiegand output

Product Details

The ZKTeco MR100 and MR101 are contactless card readers that feature a metal casing design, strong durability, dismantle & pry protection, simple wiring, and Wiegand 26/34bits output.

The operating voltage for the MR100 is 9-18V DC, while the operating voltage for the MR101 is 9-24V DC. The operating current for the MR100 is ≤25mA, while the operating current for the MR101 is ≤35mA. Both models have a card frequency of 125KHz / 13.56MHz and a card reading distance of 3~8cm.

The Wiegand output for both models is 26/34bits. The operating temperature range is -40°C to 60°C, and the operating humidity range is 10% to 85%. The dimensions of both models are 103 x 48 x 19mm, and the weight is 300g. Both models have an IP66 ingress protection rating.

Overall, the ZKTeco MR100 and MR101 are durable and secure contactless card readers with advanced features and a robust design.




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