Project Case Study:

Watercare Central Interceptor: ZKTeco Turnstiles for Security

by | Dec 11, 2023

Explore our case study detailing how ZKTeco FHT2300 turnstiles enhanced site security for the Watercare Central Interceptor project, showcasing innovative access control solutions in New Zealand's landmark infrastructure development.
NZTeco Case Study - Watercare Central Interceptor with Ghella Abergeldie JV

Watercare’s Central Interceptor Project Overview

Watercare is constructing a billion-dollar wastewater/stormwater pipe running from Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant to central Auckland. The 16.2km main tunnel plus two connecting link sewers will significantly improve water quality in streams and beaches by reducing more than 80 per cent of wet-weather overflows. Around 600 staff are working across 16 sites. The Central Interceptor is the largest wastewater infrastructure project in New Zealand history and is being delivered by Ghella Abergeldie JV.

Central Interceptor Tunnel Boring Machine breakthrough into a shaft at May Rd Mt Roskill

Central Interceptor’s Domenica micro-TBM arrives to begin work on the next link sewer

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The Watercare Central Interceptor’s most impressive moments to date!

The Challenge

The project’s complexity, spanning multiple sites with heavy machinery and a workforce of around 600, necessitated an uncompromising approach to site security. The key challenge was to implement a robust access control system that could manage personnel flow efficiently while maintaining high-security standards.

Solution Provided

The solution was found in ZKTeco’s FHT2300 Full Height Turnstiles. Known for their durability and advanced security features, these turnstiles were strategically placed at key access points across the project’s sites.

Seamlessly integrated with a state-of-the-art 3rd Party access control system, the ZKTeco turnstiles ensured stringent security measures, allowing only authorised personnel to access the construction areas. A total number of 7 x ZKTeco FHT2300 Turnstiles were supplied at various sites accross Auckland, New Zealand.

ZKTeco FHT2300: Full Height Turnstile


Biometric Capability

Offering models with RFID and fingerprint access control systems, these turnstiles provide biometric security options for enhanced access control.

Durability and Design

The turnstiles feature a semi-automatic mechanism and a cabinet made from SUS316 stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

Environmental Adaptability

Designed for both indoor and outdoor (sheltered) use, the FHT2300 operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -28°C to 60°C and can withstand humidity levels of 0% to 95%.

Efficient Throughput

Capable of handling up to 25 entries per minute (RFID and fingerprint) and 15 entries per minute (facial and vein recognition), these turnstiles ensure smooth and rapid access control.


Safety Features

The turnstiles are equipped with an LED indicator, emergency mode for quick evacuation, and a high Mean Cycles Between Failure (MCBF) rate of 2,000,000, signifying reliability and safety.

Ingress Protection

Rated at IP54, the turnstiles are protected against dust and water splashes, making them suitable for various construction site conditions.

Ghella Abergeldie JV Central Interceptor Project

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The ZKTeco FHT2300 Full Height Turnstiles had a substantial impact:

  • Enhanced Security: These turnstiles provided a robust system for monitoring and controlling site access, effectively reducing the risk of unauthorised entry.
  • Operational Efficiency: Their efficient functioning facilitated the smooth flow of personnel, aiding in keeping the project on schedule.
  • Reliability and Scalability: The turnstiles demonstrated high reliability and adaptability, catering to the diverse requirements of the project’s different construction sites.

See the ZKTeco FHT2300 in action!


The Central Interceptor project, delivered by Ghella Abergeldie JV, illustrates the efficacy of ZKTeco’s security solutions in large-scale infrastructure projects. The strategic implementation of ZKTeco FHT2300 Full Height Turnstiles was integral to meeting the stringent security demands of this significant project, showcasing the crucial role of advanced access control solutions in the success of complex infrastructure developments.

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