ArticleGuide to Biometric Time Attendance Systems 2023

Discover the transformative potential of ZKTeco Biometric Time Attendance Systems with NZTeco, your trusted provider in New Zealand. Explore the evolution, core features, integrations, and legal insights surrounding these modern biometric systems to optimise your organisational operations securely and efficiently.


In today’s busy world, managing time well is key to a smooth-running business. Biometric Time Attendance Systems offer a modern solution, helping businesses handle their teams better. This guide will explore how these systems work, dive into the latest updates, and touch on the legal aspects too.

Why Time Attendance Systems Matter

Having a reliable time attendance system is a game-changer for maintaining punctuality and responsibility among team members. It provides a precise record of work hours, which is a big help in managing payrolls and evaluating performance.

At NZTeco, we’re proud to be the go-to distributor and service provider of ZKTeco in New Zealand and nearby islands. Our Biometric Time Attendance Systems are a testament to ZKTeco’s innovative approach, ensuring that your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Dive into this guide to learn how partnering with NZTeco and ZKTeco can elevate your operations to new heights. If you’d prefer to backtrack a bit, real the introduction into Time & Attendance system.

Evolution of Biometric Time Attendance Systems

Evolution of Biometric Time Attendance

From Manual to Biometric time attendance systems

Transitioning from manual attendance marking to biometric recognition showcases the strides in technology. Biometric systems offer a precise, swift, and secure method for time tracking.

Key Innovations in Biometric Technology

With the advent of AI-driven algorithms, biometric technology has leaped forward, enhancing accuracy and minimizing false rejections. Our ZKTeco biometric solutions at NZTeco embody these advancements, providing reliable and efficient time attendance systems.

Core Features of Modern Biometric Time Attendance Systems

ZKTeco EFace10 Biometric Time and Attendance

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition stands as a key feature of today’s systems. ZKTeco’s EFace10 shines as a prime example, providing quick and accurate verifications.

ZKTeco IN05 & IN05-A: Fingerprint Identification Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal

Fingerprint Scanning

Fingerprint scanning continues to be a trusted method for marking attendance. ZKTeco’s IN05 & IN05-A showcase superior fingerprint recognition performance.

ZKTeco IN05 & IN05-A: Fingerprint Identification Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal

Multi-Modal Biometrics

Modern systems like ZKTeco’s SpeedFace V5L series merge face, fingerprint, and card recognition, offering heightened security and flexibility.

Integrations with Other Systems

Security Systems

Integrating with security systems significantly bolsters organisational safety by syncing attendance with access control. Our ZKTeco solutions at NZTeco bridge this gap effortlessly, forging a unified system that ensures only authorised personnel gain entry, thus fortifying the overall security infrastructure of your premises.

Dive into our array of security systems that meld seamlessly with our time attendance solutions, paving the way for a secure and regulated work environment.

Employee Management Systems

The seamless integration with Employee Management Systems propels efficient workforce management into action. This smooth connectivity facilitates hassle-free scheduling, real-time performance tracking, and swift data access, empowering managers and HR personnel to make informed decisions promptly.

The streamlined operation alleviates administrative workload, paving the way for a more focused approach towards strategic organisational goals.

With our ZKBio Time 8.0 solution, we transcend conventional boundaries by offering the ability to export in multiple formats to suit any Payroll system’s requirements. This flexibility is a testament to our commitment to providing adaptable solutions for diverse organizational needs.

Moreover, we offer a free API for integrators keen on establishing a direct integration, further enhancing the versatility and adaptability of our systems in aligning with various payroll and employee management platforms. This provision underscores our dedication to fostering a cohesive and efficient operational ecosystem for your organisation.

Legal Insights

Privacy Concerns

The legal framework surrounding privacy in biometrics is under active review by New Zealand’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner, especially in light of the Privacy Act 2020. The increasing utilization of biometric technologies, such as those deployed in our ZKTeco solutions, necessitates adherence to evolving regulations to safeguard individuals’ privacy.

Ensuring lawful collection and use, obtaining individual consent, and securely storing biometric data are pivotal aspects to consider.

ZKTeco employs sophisticated algorithms to securely manage biometric data. During the data processing phase, images from fingerprints, faces, or palms are captured but not stored. Identifiable features, known as data points, are extracted from these images and converted into a biometric template in the form of a digital code through a complex algorithm.

This template is then further encrypted for enhanced security. The matching process, where the acquired data is compared with the database, occurs within the ZKTeco palm and facial recognition terminals, ensuring no external data handling.

The comparison result is saved locally and transmitted to the client through a secure SSL/TSL encryption algorithm, thereby offering a high level of protection to the biometric data while ensuring GDPR compliance​ (source)​.

Education on security measures and obtaining individual acceptance of biometric time attendance policies can further mitigate privacy concerns, aligning with legal requisites while fostering trust amongst employees.

Compliance with Regulations

Adhering to legal and regulatory requirements is crucial to mitigate liabilities.

At NZTeco, we ensure our ZKTeco solutions are designed with compliance at the forefront, aiding you in navigating the complex regulatory landscape effortlessly.

Keeping abreast of the latest regulations, engaging in ongoing consultations by the regulatory authorities, and possibly adapting to future codes of practice concerning biometric information are integral steps towards ensuring compliance.

Our proactive approach aims to provide a seamless transition amidst evolving legal frameworks, ensuring your organization remains compliant while benefiting from the cutting-edge biometric solutions we offer.

Benefits of Choosing ZKTeco Biometric Time Attendance Systems

NZTeco – Your Trusted Provider

Being a premier distributor of ZKTeco products in New Zealand, NZTeco ensures you have access to top-notch biometric solutions tailored to your needs.


Biometric Time Attendance Systems are crucial assets for contemporary organisations. The continuous tech advancements, alongside robust solutions from ZKTeco and exceptional service from NZTeco, make them a valuable addition to any business setup, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced security.


What are the key benefits of using a Biometric Time Attendance System?

Biometric systems offer precise time tracking, enhanced security, and streamlined payroll processing with many benefits.

How do ZKTeco's biometric systems ensure data privacy?
ZKTeco’s systems comply with the latest data privacy regulations, ensuring secure data handling.
What kind of support can I expect from NZTeco post-purchase?
NZTeco provides ongoing support including system updates, troubleshooting, and technical assistance.
How do multi-modal biometric systems enhance security?
Multi-modal systems offer multiple verification methods, elevating security by reducing false acceptances.
Are there any legal considerations I should be aware of before implementing a biometric time attendance system?

Yes, staying updated with and adhering to the latest privacy and biometric regulations is crucial, especially in light of New Zealand’s Privacy Act 2020. Key considerations include ensuring lawful collection and use of biometric data, obtaining individual consent, and securely storing biometric data. ZKTeco, the brand of biometric systems provided by NZTeco, employs sophisticated algorithms to handle biometric data securely. Images captured for biometric recognition, like fingerprints, faces, or palms, are not stored; instead, identifiable features known as data points are extracted and converted into a digital code forming a biometric template. This template is further encrypted for enhanced security. The matching process is carried out within the ZKTeco terminals, ensuring no external data handling. The comparison result is saved locally and transmitted securely, adhering to high data protection standards. Engaging in ongoing consultations by regulatory authorities and possibly adapting to future codes of practice concerning biometric information are also recommended to ensure compliance with evolving legal frameworks​1​.

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