ArticleThe Rising Importance of Bollards in New Zealand: Enhancing Security Amid Increasing Crime Rates

Discover the importance of bollards in New Zealand for enhancing security amid rising crime rates. Learn about types, benefits, and installation tips.


In recent years, New Zealand has seen a significant rise in crime rates, prompting both public and private entities to seek enhanced security measures. Among the various solutions available, bollards have emerged as a practical and effective option. This article delves into the rising importance of bollards in New Zealand, exploring their types, benefits, and installation processes, while also highlighting the role of NZTeco, the official ZKTeco distributor and service provider in the region.

ZKTeco Vehicle Bollards

Understanding Bollards

They are sturdy, vertical posts installed to control or direct road traffic, prevent ram-raiding attacks, and enhance pedestrian safety. Originally designed for maritime use, they have evolved into essential security and traffic management tools used in various environments.

Types of Bollards

ZKTeco BOL1168-F Fixed Security Bollard for enhanced security


Fixed bollards are permanently installed structures typically made of steel or concrete. They are ideal for areas requiring constant protection, such as storefronts, pedestrian zones, and critical infrastructure.

BOL1168-R is a high-quality removable bollard which used widely to prevent vehicles from entering security areas.


Removable types can be detached and stored when not needed, providing versatility in traffic management and security applications. They are suitable for temporary events and areas that require occasional access.

BOL1219-A is a high-quality automatic bollard which is used widely to protect security areas from vehicle intrusion. It is an ideal solution for entrance with high security requirements.


Retractable designs can be lowered into the ground when access is needed and raised to restrict entry. They offer flexibility and are commonly used in places that need to alternate between access and restriction, like pedestrian areas and parking lots.

BOL1219-A is a high-quality automatic bollard which is used widely to protect security areas from vehicle intrusion. It is an ideal solution for entrance with high security requirements.


Automatic versions are motorized and can be controlled remotely or via automated systems. They are often used in high-security areas and places requiring frequent access control, such as government buildings and corporate headquarters.

Decorative Bollards

Decorative bollards combine aesthetics with functionality. They are designed to blend with the architectural style of an area while providing the necessary security features. These bollards are popular in urban centers and historical sites.

Materials Used in Bollards


Steel designs are known for their strength and durability, making them suitable for high-security areas. They can withstand significant impact and are often used in traffic management and anti-ram applications.


Concrete types are heavy and robust, offering substantial resistance to vehicle impacts. They are often used in critical infrastructure protection and urban settings where both security and aesthetics are important.


Plastic versions are lightweight and less durable than their steel and concrete counterparts. They are primarily used for temporary installations and areas where flexibility and ease of installation are prioritized.


Wooden designs provide a natural and aesthetic appeal. While not as strong as steel or concrete, they are suitable for parks, pathways, and areas where blending with the environment is essential.


Enhanced Security

They act as physical barriers that can prevent unauthorised vehicle access and protect against ram-raiding attacks, significantly enhancing the security of both public and private spaces.

Traffic Control

They help in managing traffic flow, ensuring that vehicles move in a controlled manner. They are essential in creating pedestrian zones, bike lanes, and controlled parking areas.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern designs are designed to complement the surroundings. Decorative barriers add to the visual appeal of public spaces while maintaining their functional integrity.

Protection Against Vehicle Attacks

With the increase in vehicle-based attacks worldwide, they provide a reliable defence mechanism. They can stop or slow down vehicles, reducing the risk of damage and enhancing public safety.


Planning and Design

The installation requires careful planning and design. Factors such as the purpose, the type of vehicles to be stopped, and the aesthetic requirements must be considered.

Site Preparation

Proper site preparation is crucial for the effective installation. This includes surveying the site, marking the installation points, and ensuring the ground is suitable for the bollards.

Installation Process

The installation process varies depending on the type and design chosen. Fixed models are typically embedded in concrete, while retractable and automatic bollards require more complex installations involving mechanical and electrical components.

Typical Vehicle Barrier Technologies by ZKTeco / NZTeco

Bollards in Private Properties

Residential Use

In residential areas, they enhance security by preventing unauthorized vehicle access. They are commonly used in driveways and private roads.

Commercial Use

Commercial properties use them to protect storefronts, loading docks, and entrances. They help manage vehicle access and enhance the overall security of the premises.

Maintenance of Bollards

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are essential to ensure they remain effective. Checking for damage, rust, or wear can prevent potential failures and maintain security standards.

Cleaning and Repairs

They do require periodic cleaning and repairs to maintain their functionality and appearance. This includes repainting, replacing damaged parts, and ensuring any mechanical components are in working order.

Where Bollards are used in New Zealand

Urban Areas

In urban areas, bollards are used to protect pedestrian zones and enhance the security of public spaces. Auckland and Wellington have implemented bollard systems to safeguard busy streets and popular tourist spots.

Suburban Areas

Suburban areas benefit from them in residential security and traffic management. Installing them in driveways and around community centres can help maintain safety and order.

Rural Areas

In rural areas, they are used to protect critical infrastructure and manage access to private properties. They are essential in preventing unauthorised vehicle entry in farming and industrial zones.

Future Trends in Bollard Design and Technology

Smart Bollards

The future of bollards lies in smart technology. Smart designs can integrate with security systems, providing real-time data and remote control capabilities to enhance security measures.

Sustainable Materials

There is a growing trend towards using sustainable materials in the design and construction. Eco-friendly versions made from recycled materials or renewable resources are becoming increasingly popular.


Bollards are increasingly recognised as a critical component in enhancing security amid rising crime rates in New Zealand. Their versatility, durability, and effectiveness make them suitable for various applications, from public spaces to private properties. As the official ZKTeco distributor and service provider in New Zealand, NZTeco is committed to providing high-quality bollard solutions tailored to the specific needs of the region.


What are bollards and their primary functions?

Bollards are vertical posts used to control traffic and enhance security. Their primary functions include preventing vehicle access, protecting pedestrians, and securing buildings.

Why are bollards becoming more important in New Zealand?

With the rise in crime rates, bollards are essential for enhancing security and protecting public and private spaces from vehicle-based threats.

What materials are best for bollards?

The best materials for bollards depend on their intended use. Steel and concrete are ideal for high-security areas, while plastic and wood are suitable for temporary or aesthetic applications.

How do automatic bollards work?

Automatic bollards operate via motorized mechanisms controlled remotely or by automated systems. They can be raised or lowered to control vehicle access.

Can bollards be decorative as well as functional?

Yes, decorative bollards combine aesthetics with functionality, enhancing the visual appeal of an area while providing necessary security features.

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