China Forestry Group: Simplifying Time & Attendance

by | Dec 14, 2023

Discover how China Forestry Group NZ streamlined its time and attendance process at their Auckland office using ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L [P], integrating seamlessly with ICT ProtegeGX for efficient and secure employee management.
Case Study: China Forestry Group Corporation New Zealand

Client Overview

China Forestry Group Corporation New Zealand Company Ltd. (CFG New Zealand) is a key player in the forestry industry, focusing on sustainable forest management and timber processing. Based in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, they are committed to innovative and efficient operational practices.

The Challenge

China Forestry Group CFG New Zealand needed a reliable and efficient time and attendance system for their head office staff. The key requirements were a system that could offer basic time and attendance functionality and integrate seamlessly with their existing ICT ProtegeGX Access Control system to facilitate door unlocking via the time and attendance device.

Solution Provided

NZTeco provided the perfect solution by installing the ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L [P] model. This advanced time and attendance machine, known for its precision and ease of use, was complemented by the ZKBio Time 8.0 software, offering:

  • Robust Time & Attendance Tracking: The SpeedFace V5L [P] provided reliable time tracking with its state-of-the-art facial recognition technology.
  • Seamless Software Integration: ZKBio Time 8.0 software was used to manage the data effectively, ensuring a streamlined experience for both staff and administrators.
  • Access Control Compatibility: The system was integrated with CFG New Zealand’s existing ICT ProtegeGX Access Control system for efficient and secure access management.

The combined capabilities of the ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L [P] and ZKBio Time 8.0 software created a unified system that met all of CFG New Zealand’s time and attendance needs while enhancing their office security.

SpeedFace-V5L[P] Specifications

High-speed biometric access control terminal with palm and facial recognition
Intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology
Supports both facial and palm verification with large capacity and speedy recognition
Supports various communication methods such as TCP/IP for wired network connections and Wi-Fi (optional) for wireless connections
Supports QR-code scanning with ZKBioSecurity software


The implementation led to:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined time and attendance processes.
  • Increased Security: Integrated access control for reinforced security.
  • Operational Seamlessness: Smooth functioning of time tracking alongside access control.

The ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L [P] utlises Visible Light Facial Recognition Technology as shown in this video


This project exemplifies NZTeco’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that align with client needs, showcasing the effectiveness of ZKTeco SpeedFace V5L [P] in enhancing workplace efficiency and security.

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