ZKTeco ZKBioSecurity ConSite

ZKBioSecurity ConSite

ZKBioSecurity Construction Site Management Solution takes the latest B/S architecture as framework and based on the development of mainstream ZKBioSecurity, which is a comprehensive system of digitalization, network, security and cross industry applications.

It is integrated with ZKBioSecurity biometrics identification and access system, this solution has the newly added worker management module and advanced access management module. It can effectively manage registered workers from different company,monitor all workers’ attendance and access control details in real time, which truly
demonstrates the intelligent management of construction site security and workers.

Product Details

Software Specifications
System ArchitectureServer/Browser
DatabasePostgreSQL, Oracle11g, SQL Server 2005/2008/2012
Supported OSWindows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Server 2008/2012
Monitor Resolution1920*1080 or higher
Suggested BrowsersInternet Explorer 11+ / Firefox 27+ / Chrome 33+
Hardware Requirements
CPUCPU dual core processor with speed of 2.4GHz or higher
Memory4GB or above
Storage30GB free space or higher (NTFS recommended)
Screen Resolution1920*1080 or higher



ZKBioSecurity ConSite Online Demo,Please Click Here

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