ZKTeco ZKBioPack

ZKTeco biometrics and Schneider-Electric’s Continuum / Access It! access control system enhances building security with minimal effort.
Numerous benefits derived from ZKBioPack:
• Simple – ZKBioPack launches from Continuum / Access It!.
• Flexible – Supports different type ZKTeco readers.
• Scalable – No limit on number of readers supported.
• Saves time. Installation & setup is fast and simple.
• Saves money. ZKBioPack is very affordable.
• Secure – Use of Biometric readers ensures people requesting door access are who they say they are whereas ID badges can be misappropriated.
• Convenience – Say good-bye to accidental lockouts due to ID cards & PIN codes being forgotten or misplaced.

Product Details


 Software name:ZKBioPack
Software Integration:ZKBioPack supports Continuum Cyberstation, 1.94 SP1 and above.
Display:Full sized color display with dynamic messaging
Advanced Template Management:Yes
Enrollment:Standard and duress fingers enrolled on USB fingerprint reader.
Supported Card bit- formats:Wiegand 26 and Infinity 37
Output:Standard Wiegand output to Continuum, access control panels for validation.
Mifare & iClass card support:Models F18, MB800, ProCaptureT, ProFAC, ProBio, inPulse
Multi Factor Authentication:Models F18, TF1700, F19 and ProCapture-T su pport Fingerprint
and/or PWD and/or Card. Model ProFAC supports Face and/or
PWD and/or Card. Models MB800 and ProBio supports Face and/
or Fingerprint and/or PWD and/or Card. Models inPulse and
inPulse+ support Finger Vein and/or PWD and/or Card.
Power Loss:Automatic Data Redistribution after connection loss
Commissioning Tool:For reader configuration and firmware updates





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