ZKTeco ZK-D4330 Walk-Through Metal Detector with 33 Detection Zones

ZKTeco ZK-D4330

A is a feature-rich metal detector that offers 33 detection zones, a 7″ touch screen, remote control functionality, and excellent anti-interference ability. With simple installation and use, it provides high accuracy and verification speed, along with memory functions for pass count and alarm count. It also supports language interface customization for enhanced user experience.

Product Details

ZKTeco ZK-D4330 - Advanced Metal Detection with Enhanced Features

The ZKTeco ZK-D4330 is a cutting-edge metal detector that combines advanced features and user-friendly design. With 33 detection zones, a 7" touch screen, remote control capability, and excellent anti-interference ability, it provides accurate and reliable metal detection.

Key Features:

  • 33 Detection Zones: The device offers 33 detection zones, ensuring comprehensive and thorough scanning for precise metal detection.
  • 7" Touch Screen: Equipped with a 7" touch screen, the ZK-D4330 provides a user-friendly interface for easy operation and configuration.
  • Remote Control: With remote control functionality, the device allows for convenient operation and adjustments from a distance.
  • Simple Installation and Use: The ZK-D4330 is designed for easy installation and user-friendly operation, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Level: The device offers 500 adjustable sensitivity levels, allowing for precise customization according to specific security requirements.
  • Language Interface Customization: It supports various language interface customization, enabling users to select their preferred language for ease of use.
  • Higher Accuracy and Verification Speed: The ZK-D4330 delivers higher accuracy and faster verification speed, ensuring efficient and reliable metal detection.
  • Pass Count and Alarm Count Memory Function: The device includes memory functions to keep track of pass counts and alarm counts, providing useful data for security analysis and management.

In conclusion, the ZKTeco ZK-D4330 offers advanced metal detection capabilities with a range of enhanced features for ease of use, accuracy, and efficiency. It is an ideal choice for environments that require reliable and comprehensive security measures.


Input Voltage15V
Working Temperature-20°C ~ 65°C
External Dimensions (mm)2220 (H) x 930(W) x 760(D)
Channel Dimensions (mm)2010 (H) x 760(W) x 760 (D)
Package Dimensions (mm)2300 (H) x 335(W) x 800 (D)
Weight70 kg
Running Power20W
Supported SoftwareZKBio SIS
Communication InterfaceRJ45 (TCP/IP)


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