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ZKTeco Visible Light Technology

Verification technology automatically captures faces and verifies, no more stopping for capturing required

What is Visible Light and how is it used in Facial Recognition systems?

Visible light, within the 400 to 700 nanometer range, is vital for human vision and serves a key role in Facial Recognition technology. In this technology, facial features are captured using visible light, allowing for precise identification based on unique patterns and characteristics. Cones in the human eye, sensitive to distinct wavelengths, contribute to the effectiveness of facial recognition systems by capturing and processing the visible light information, enabling accurate and reliable identification.

Identifies images and real faces for anti-spoof function

Utilises deep learning to effectively identify living faces

Anti-Spoof Technology Built-in

Identifies images and real faces for anti-spoof function

Utilises deep learning to effectively identify living faces

Pioneering Technology, Faster and Further

Verifies in 0.5 seconds, outpacing conventional infrared techniques

Up to 3m verification distance, no more crowded queuing

Introducing groundbreaking technology that sets new standards in efficiency and reach. With verification speeds as swift as 0.5 seconds, our system outpaces traditional infrared techniques, ensuring a seamless and rapid user experience. This cutting-edge advancement not only guarantees swift identification but also enhances user convenience.

Moreover, our pioneering technology extends its reach to an impressive verification distance of up to 3 meters. This significant expansion in the verification range eliminates the need for congested queues, offering a practical solution to crowded environments. Say goodbye to waiting times and hello to a streamlined, efficient verification process that transforms user experiences. Our commitment to innovation means that we’re not just keeping pace; we’re setting the benchmark for speed and accessibility in the realm of verification technology.

Touchless Technology for Convenience and Hygiene

Visible light technology for better convenience and hygiene, Touchless verification for prevention of spread of disease

Visible Light by ZKTeco

Explore the myriad applications of ZKTeco’s cutting-edge technology, catering to diverse industries and redefining operational norms:

  • Healthcare Excellence: Simplify and expedite patient check-ins with our swift and touchless verification system. Heighten access control measures, ensuring a safer and more efficient healthcare environment.
  • Corporate Security: Elevate workplace security with ZKTeco’s advanced technology, ensuring secure and convenient employee authentication. This touchless solution not only streamlines access but also promotes a hygienic and frictionless work environment.
  • Financial Sector Fortification: Implement our state-of-the-art system to secure access to sensitive areas within the financial sector. Our technology provides an additional layer of security, reinforcing overall risk management protocols.
  • Educational Efficiency: Streamline attendance tracking and access control in educational institutions with ZKTeco’s reliable technology. Enhance administrative efficiency, allowing educators to focus on what matters most – education.
  • Hospitality Transformation: Redefine guest experiences in the hospitality sector with our secure and effortless check-in solutions. Enhance overall guest satisfaction by providing a touchless and secure entry experience.

In the current context, the touchless solutions offered by ZKTeco take centre stage, aligning seamlessly with the need for enhanced hygiene and safety across industries. Particularly suitable for public spaces, transportation hubs, and retail environments, our touchless technology contributes to creating a safer and healthier atmosphere.

ZKTeco’s commitment to innovation ensures that our technology is not only a solution but a strategic asset, adapting to the unique requirements of each industry. Embrace a new era where technology meets practical needs, offering reliable, secure, and touchless solutions for a variety of business landscapes.

Applies Deep Learning Techniques to Widen Face Verification Angle

While most algorithms only support 15° face verification, ZKBioFace visible light technique supports 30° face verification

Wide Angle - NZTeco Limited - Visible Light

ZKTeco’s ZKBioFace visible light technique stands at the forefront of innovation by applying advanced deep learning techniques to expand the face verification angle. In contrast to conventional algorithms limited to a 15° face verification range, our technology breaks barriers by supporting an impressive 30° face verification angle.

This pioneering approach, rooted in deep learning, significantly enhances the system’s capability to accurately identify and verify individuals from a wider range of angles. The result is a more comprehensive and robust face verification process, providing heightened security and adaptability across various scenarios. ZKTeco’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology ensures that our solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards, delivering unparalleled performance in face recognition technology.

User May Upload Personal Information Themselves

New users may upload personal information through the mobile app.
Administrators may just enroll in the system and perform the registration for better convenience and efficiency.

Facial Recognition Grid 1 - NZTeco Limited - Visible Light
ZKTeco Global - NZTeco Limited - Visible Light
ZKTeco SpeedFace-V5L[P]: The Ultimate High-Speed Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Terminal
Facial Recognition Grid 2 - NZTeco Limited - Visible Light

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