ZKTeco ES-855P12T-S7-C-MI: Full Color Series 5MP Full Color Face Detection Turret IP Camera with micro-SD Slot

ZKTeco ES-855P12T-S7-C-MI

A high-performance full-color series camera offering clear video monitoring with face detection and intelligent video analytics. It features a built-in P2P cloud function for flexible remote viewing.

Product Details

The ZKTeco ES-855P12T-S7-C-MI is part of the full-color series camera, powered by a cutting-edge F1.0 large aperture lens and warm white LED illuminators. This model comes with an embedded face detection algorithm and supports multiple industry-leading Intelligent video analytic functions, such as Face Detection, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Object Left/Lost, and Counting for smart event alarms.

One of the standout features of this model is the built-in P2P cloud function. This allows for more convenient and flexible remote real-time viewing and monitoring. The camera also utilizes H.265+ dual-stream encoding, an evolutionary optimization of H.265 and the traditional H.264. It includes a series of encoding strategies such as dynamic ROI, smart 2D&3D noise reduction for delivering high-quality videos while greatly saving up to 70% bandwidth and storage.

With precise mechanical design and rugged metal casing rated IP67, this camera can withstand water and dust for a long time. It can work safely under extreme or unstable power conditions and adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor environments with a working temperature range from -30°C ~ 60°C.

  • High-performance full-color series camera
  • Embedded face detection algorithm
  • Supports multiple industry-leading Intelligent video analytic functions
  • Built-in P2P cloud function for flexible remote viewing
  • H.265+ dual-stream encoding for high-quality videos
  • Precise mechanical design with IP67 rated protection


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