ZKTeco DL30Z: Digital Keypad Smart Lock

ZKTeco DL30Z

A digital keypad smart lock with Zigbee communication for remote access and control via the ZSmart App. With passcode, card, and smartphone identification modes, this smart lock can store up to 100 passcodes and cards, making it suitable for private houses, apartments, and short-term rentals. The lock’s powerful and smart core sends real-time notifications of low battery, illegal verification attempts, hijack alarms, and offline status, ensuring maximum security.


  • Smartphone identification mode
  • Passcode identification mode
  • Card identification mode
  • Battery life up to 1.5 years (approximately 10,000 access)
  • Real-time notifications of low battery, illegal verification attempts, hijack alarms, and offline status

Product Details

The ZKTeco DL30Z is a digital keypad smart lock with Zigbee communication. With the additional Zigbee Gateway, you can easily remotely unlock the door lock, check the log history, share the temporary or dynamic passcode, and modify the lock’s features via ZSmart App, which is a new mobile application for the smart home system. With its powerful and smart core, you can receive real-time notifications of low battery, illegal verification attempts, hijack alarm of family members, offline status, and so on. Besides, you can customize conditions to trigger some messages or actions like when a family member goes home. DL30Z is suitable for private houses, apartments and short-term rental, and greatly brings more security and convenience to your life.

The lock offers multiple identification modes including Smart Phone, Passcode and Card. It has a Passcode Capacity of 100, User Capacity of 100 and Card Capacity of 100. The Card Reader supports Mifare Card & NFC. The lock requires 4×AA Alkaline Battery (not supplied) as its power supply and has a backup power interface that supports 9V Battery. The battery life is up to 1.5 years (about 10,000 access). The lock is suitable for doors with thickness between 30 - 54 mm (standard) and has an adjustable back set of 60 or 70 mm (only for single latch). The dimensions are Front – 69 * 155 * 35 (mm) , Back – 69 * 155 * 26 (mm). The operating temperature is between -20°C to 55°C and operating humidity is between 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing). The lock has CE-RED and FCC ID certifications.




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