NZTeco’s Time & Attendance Software Options

ZKTeco Time & Attendance Software options

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There are two categories for Time & Attendance Software Solutions

Speak to us if you need help deciding, both options have unique benefits and strong points.

ZKBio Time 8.0
Time & Attendance Suite

ZKBio Time 8.0 is a highly powerful web-based Time and Attendance management software solution, recommended for basic Time & Attendance requirements. Multiple administrators can access the system from anywhere using a web browser, ensuring easy management of time and attendance data. It effortlessly handles a large number of devices and logging times for thousands of employees. Compatible with our ZKTeco time clock devices, which connect to the software over your local network via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS, or 3G. It also includes a convenient employee self-service feature accessible through a mobile application and web browser, providing added flexibility and accessibility.

Software Functions
  • Visitor management (new)
  • Meeting management (new)
  • Mask & Body Temperature Module (new)
  • Web-based time attendance software
  • Simple access control module
  • Payroll management and WPS report
  • Auto-synchronization of biometric templates
  • Embedded HR integration
  • Multi-level approvals and automatic e-mail alerts
  • Employee self-service
  • Multiple admin privilege
  • Flexible shift scheduling and auto-shift
  • Multi-languages
  • Real-time data transmission
  • Attendance calculation & reports
  • Mobile APP
  • Roster management
  • Overtime management
  • Integration with API
  • Database migration
  • Bio photo function
  • Geofencing mobile punches

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Integrated AgriSmart/TimeSmart job & workforce management Suite

We have entered into a partnership with AgriSmart/TimeSmart, a third-party software company, to seamlessly integrate their solutions into our hardware through our API. This collaboration allows us to create highly customizable and tailored solutions specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of the New Zealand market. By working closely with AgriSmart/TimeSmart, we ensure that our offerings remain up-to-date with local standards and regulations, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions that meet the distinct requirements of our customers in New Zealand. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our strong relationship with AgriSmart/TimeSmart, as we continue to collaborate to provide top-quality solutions supported by cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading expertise.

Services Overview
Timesheets Efficient timesheets for streamlined work processes.
  • Convenient bulk entry and editing
  • Allocation of time to Clients, Jobs, and Activities
  • Android and iOS apps for easy access
Payroll Specialized Payroll Software suitable for any industry.
  • Automated payroll filing
  • Management of annual leave and holiday pay
  • Messaging system for effective communication
  • Complete compliance with regulations
  • Workflow and audit capabilities
  • HR document management
  • Secure data storage for 7 years
  • One-click report generation
Job Costing Efficient tracking of labor and resources for job costing.
  • Control and transparency in cost tracking
  • Three-step reconciliation process
  • Integration with Xero accounting software
  • Budget creation
  • Accelerated payment collection
Unit Tracking Comprehensive solution for managing staff payment per unit.
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Individual unit tracking
  • Team unit tallying
  • Unit sharing functionality
  • Activity split feature
Health & Safety Comprehensive health and safety solutions for all industries.
  • Site inductions
  • Risk register management
  • Incident reporting
  • Dashboard overview for quick insights
  • Messaging and reminder system
  • Checklists and audits
  • Emergency procedure management
  • Equipment log maintenance
  • Handling of hazardous substances
Rosters & Tasks Efficient management of rosters and tasks, even for complex schedules.
  • Roster creation and management
  • Handling of complex work patterns
  • Task management capabilities
  • Budget creation
  • Accelerated payment collection

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Exploring Time and Attendance Software Options

When it comes to Time and Attendance management, having the right software solution is crucial for businesses to streamline their processes and boost productivity. Two notable options in the market are ZKBio Time 8.0 and AgriSmart/TimeSmart. Both solutions offer a range of features and benefits that can meet the diverse needs of businesses in New Zealand.

ZKBio Time 8.0


Powerful web-based software Comprehensive suite of services
Seamless device integration Specialized solutions for various industries
User-friendly interface Enhances productivity and simplifies processes
Employee self-service feature Detailed reporting and tracking functionalities

While both ZKBio Time 8.0 and AgriSmart/TimeSmart offer exceptional options, choosing the right solution depends on the specific requirements and preferences of your business. At NZTeco, we understand that every organization has unique needs, and we are committed to providing tailored recommendations that best fit your business goals.

We invite you to contact us so that we can have a conversation about your Time and Attendance management needs. Our team of experts will listen to your requirements and guide you towards the most suitable solution, whether it’s ZKBio Time 8.0, AgriSmart/TimeSmart, or another option that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Let us help you unlock the full potential of efficient Time and Attendance management. Contact us today for a personalized recommendation that meets your unique business needs.