ZKTeco ML10: Smart Lock with Fingerprint Recognition

ZKTeco ML10

A smart lock with embedded fingerprint recognition technology and multiple unlocking options. It provides secure and convenient access control.


  • Embedded fingerprint recognition technology
  • ID card unlocking option (optional)
  • Bluetooth unlocking option (optional)

Product Details

The ZKTeco ML10 is a smart lock with embedded fingerprint recognition technology. It is part of the ML10/PL10 series and is designed for easy and quick installation, allowing you to replace a knob lock by yourself. The lock offers multiple unlocking options, including fingerprint, ID card (optional), and Bluetooth (optional) for remote unlocking and user management via smartphone.

In terms of technical specifications, the ML10 is made of zinc alloy (ML10 series) or ABS plastic (PL10 series) and has a user capacity of Admin - 10, Normal User - 60, Temporary User - 20. It uses a backset of 60mm or 70mm (adjustable) for American single latch or 62mm for German standard mortise. The lock is powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries and operates at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 55°C. It has a backup unlocking option using a mechanical key or 9V battery.




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