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Biometric Devices

Seamless transfer of data from Biometric Device straight to TimeSmart

Need to see exactly what time your staff clocked in and out, we’ve got you covered

Facial recognition

Contactless facial recognition

Palm recognition

Contactless palm recognition

Fingerprint recognition

Upload each team members’ fingerprint into the system

Tap cards

Provide each team member with their own tap card

Temperature reader

Internal policies which require the recording of temperatures? Say no more


Offline capabilities

Out of service, no problem. Timesheets will flow through to the system as soon as you have reception

Bulk Entry

Create timesheets for all your staff at once

Bulk Edit

A couple of team members knocked off early? Quickly view all timesheets and edit these where needed

Allocate time to Clients, Jobs and Activities

Want to be able to break down your costs, allocate timesheets to multiple different clients, jobs and specific activities, you’ve come to the right place

Android and iOS apps

• Every user has their own login
• Lodge time manually or with our start/stop clock


Payroll filing automated

Your pay run is about to get a lot easier with all ird, kiwi saver, deductions, advances, taken care of

Annual leave and holiday pay

Varying hours, complex rosters we have you taken care of. Everything is calculated for you

Messaging system

Communicate with your team with a messaging system, send out payslips, updates and much more

Complete compliance

Trust that every time you will be compliant, view, and audit your PAYE

Let us do the hard yards

Our team will upload and set up your employees, making sure TimeSmart is working perfectly for you from day one

Workflow and audit

You can send out timesheets for approval or have employees send them to you via the app

HR documents

Contracts, visas, certificates, reminders for expiry dates, workflow for approvals, and a whole lot more

Secure data

We are going to look after you, your employees, and your business

Reports in one click

• Ditch excel and jump into a platform that already has the work done for you
• Aligned with the banks and accounting software you already use

Job Costing

Control and transparency

Automated reporting to keep track of all labour costs

3 step reconciliation process

Ensure there are no variances between job costing and wages

Integrate with Xero

Or any other accounting system

Create budgets

Time will automatically be measured against jobs and activities

Get paid faster

Send out invoices at the click of a button

Unit Tracking

Real time data

Absolutely no delays

Individual units

Different piece rates, tally individually, or as a team

Team tally

Inform your team of their totals, bonuses, add or subtract from the total

Share units

Split a team’s units fairly based on the hours they have worked

Activity split

Simply attribute units or a second activity to an individual or team

Health and Safety

Site inductions

  • Ensure every employee, contractor, and any visitors are aware of any risks on your property.
  • Digitalise your job safety analysis – site maps – risks so that there are records of your inductions

Risk register

Allows team members to record risks as they arise. Risks can be added into your site inductions in a few clicks or sent out to employees to make them aware of new risks

Incident reporting

WorkSafe and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (NZ) aligned approach to recording incidents, auditing, and overseeing your organisation

Dashboard overview

Dashboard view summaries of all H&S alerts, risks, and incidents. You can print it off for reporting or click into the charts to learn more

Messages and reminders

Inbuilt communications/messaging allows for optimal monitoring of ongoing risks

Checklists and audits

Individual or shared checklists-audits can be conducted using the platform. Assign checklists to an employee or contractor – see comments and a timestamp of when items were reviewed

Emergency procedures

This is where we will re-write your bullet points to include one-two sentences that succinctly explains in further details what AgriSmart covers with the header point

Equipment logs

A comprehensive system that allows you to upload maintenance guides for use, log any use, or maintenance that happens to your equipment

Hazardous substances

A list of substances, usage guide upload, volumes, active ingredients, and more information can be saved within the hazardous substances system

Rosters and Tasks


See who’s working, who’s on leave, and who’s rostered off

Complex work patterns

Easily enter for the whole year

Task management

Keep on top of all your to-do’s

Create budgets

Time will automatically be measured against jobs and activities

Get paid faster

Send out invoices at the click of a button

Join 1000’s of Kiwi’s on AgriSmart

TimeSmart has provided us with such a simple and easy to use system. We are able to see an overview of staff leave balances, as well as see how staff are tracking against minimum wage for each pay period. Paying wages is easy and updates and upgrades are frequent. The team also take on board any feedback and suggestions to make the programme work even better for us. We would highly recommend AgriSmart” 


– Levett Farming Ltd

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AgriSmart / TimeSmart: Simplify Your Payroll Management with Our ZKTeco Hardware Integration

AgriSmart / TimeSmart: Simplify Your Payroll Management with Our ZKTeco Hardware Integration AgriSmart / TimeSmart streamlines payroll management for the agriculture industry by providing a unified login for all your needs. Our integration with ZKTeco hardware enables efficient payroll processing for various pay structures, including piece-rates, salaries, activity-code linked pay rates, productivity incentives, and attendance bonuses. Experience a tailored solution designed specifically for your sector, saving payroll managers up to 24 hours per week. Improve efficiency and optimize your payroll process with AgriSmart  / TimeSmart and ZKTeco hardware.

About AgriSmart / TimeSmart Payroll Software

Fully integrated with the ZKTeco Time & Attendance product range.

Who they are

New Zealand’s Award-Winning Hamilton-Based Software Company: Crafting World-Class Business Administration Solutions

As a renowned, New Zealand-owned software company situated in Hamilton, they specialize in creating, managing, and delivering top-tier business administration software products. Discover the difference our world-class solutions can make in streamlining your operations and enhancing efficiency.

Their story

Versatile Compliance Solution for Primary Industries and Corporate Companies

Developed by a Waikato-based chartered accountancy firm, AgriSmart / TimeSmart is a comprehensive solution tailored for both primary industries and corporate businesses. Designed to address compliance requirements in farms, orchards, vineyards, as well as various corporate sectors, our platform ensures streamlined operations and efficiency for a diverse range of companies. Trust AgriSmart’s adaptable expertise to keep your business compliant and thriving.

Where they’re headed

Trusted by Businesses in New Zealand and Beyond for Exceptional Value and Growth

AgriSmart proudly serves a vast number of businesses throughout New Zealand and internationally, as they continue to expand and deliver the finest products for their customers. In 2017, they triumphed in Fonterra’s Activate competition, recognized as the business providing the most value to customers. Their commitment to exceptional customer value remains unwavering as they strive to constantly enhance their offerings and support their clients’ success.

The advantage of AgriSmart / TimeSmart

Simplifying Business Administration for Diverse Industries with AgriSmart’s Tailored Solutions

As the challenges in various industries, including farming, horticulture, viticulture, and corporate sectors, continue to grow, AgriSmart / TimeSmart streamlines the process. They offer a suite of integrated software solutions, customized to meet your specific needs, to assist you in managing your business administration effectively. Trust AgriSmart / TimeSmart to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently across diverse industries.

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