ZKTeco BOL1168-F: Fixed Bollard for Enhanced Security

by | Jul 22, 2023 | Vehicle Barriers

Explore the ZKTeco BOL1168-F, a high-quality fixed bollard designed for optimal security. Discover its key features, applications in schools, malls, hotels, and housing estates, and why it is the top choice for access control solutions.

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Introduction to ZKTeco BOL1168-F

The ZKTeco BOL1168-F is a high-quality fixed bollard that serves as a robust barrier against unauthorised vehicle access. It’s a security solution that’s as reliable as it is versatile, designed to protect pedestrians and property in various settings.

Where can the ZKTeco BOL1168-F Fixed Security Bollard be used?

Dairy Shops

As the incidence of Ram Raids continues to rise in New Zealand, the installation of bollards has become absolutely crucial as the primary line of defense. Our bollards are not only cost-effective but also guarantee top-notch quality, ensuring no compromise on security.


For hotels, the BOL1168-F not only enhances security but also adds a touch of elegance to the premises with its sleek design.


The safety of our children is paramount. The ZKTeco BOL1168-F is commonly found in schools, where it provides an effective means of traffic guidance and protection for young pedestrians.

Shopping Malls

In bustling shopping malls, the BOL1168-F ensures the smooth flow of pedestrian traffic while preventing vehicles from entering restricted areas.

Key Features of ZKTeco BOL1168-F

The BOL1168-F boasts a diameter of 168mm, providing a substantial physical barrier that’s hard to miss.
Height from Ground
With a standard height of 600mm from the ground, it’s highly visible yet unobtrusive. Customisation options are also available to suit specific requirements.
Average Thickness
The average thickness of the BOL1168-F is 6mm, offering robust resistance against impact. Customisation is available for this feature as well.
Embedding Depth
The BOL1168-F has an embedding depth of 200mm, ensuring a secure and stable installation.
Made from SUS304, the BOL1168-F is resistant to corrosion and wear, promising long-term durability.
Reflective Strip Colour
The BOL1168-F features a yellow reflective strip, enhancing its visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

Why Choose ZKTeco BOL1168-F?

The ZKTeco BOL1168-F combines functionality, durability, and aesthetics in one package. It’s an ideal access control solution that promotes security in various settings. With its customisable features, it can be tailored to meet specific needs, making it a versatile choice for any security-conscious establishment.


The ZKTeco BOL1168-F is more than just a fixed bollard. It’s a reliable security solution that protects pedestrians and property while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the premises. With its robust features and versatile applications, it’s no wonder that it’s the preferred choice for schools, shopping malls, hotels, and housing estates.
ZKTeco BOL1168-F Fixed Security Bollard for enhanced security


1. What is the diameter of the ZKTeco BOL1168-F?

The diameter of the ZKTeco BOL1168-F is 168mm.

2. Can the height from the ground of the BOL1168-F be customised?

Yes, the height from the ground of the BOL1168-F can be customised.

3. What material is the BOL1168-F made of?

The BOL1168-F is made of SUS304.

4. What colour is the reflective strip on the BOL1168-F?

The reflective strip on the BOL1168-F is yellow.

5. Where can the ZKTeco BOL1168-F be used?

The ZKTeco BOL1168-F can be used at dairies, schools, shopping malls, hotels, and housing estates.

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